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Funding Goulceby Live

How does Goulceby Live work in terms of finacing?

Goulceby Live is an organisation run by volunteers who live in the local area and share the goals of the organisation.

Through the efforts of the Goulceby Live volunteers, the group raises the money necessary to put on events through grants that support community projects, donations from local residents and businesses, including the village pub; plus the funds raised directly at the gala and any other events Goulceby Live organises.  Most importantly, its the generousity of time that local residents donate that makes putting on a village event possible.  

Does Goulceby Live make a Profit?

Goulceby Live has a constitutional objective to create recreational events in the village for the benefit of the communuty.  It is a not for profit organisation.  Events are financed as described above with any suplus income from the gala cycled back into the pot to create bigger and better recreational community events in the future.  Sometimes, often because of a voluntary contribution (e.g. the Lives charity supporting the Gala), the group donates to charity.  Ultimately, all decisions are made collectively by the Goulceby Live committee which meets, organises and has an AGM as committees do.  If you would like to contribute and join the committee its an open group looking for new members.