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Join In...

Goulceby live is not a closed group - quite the opposite.  We do have a commitee, bank account and some organisational structure but at the heart we are open to all and want to welcome anyone with something to put in.

We do not want to be viewed as a strange clique but as a welcoming group simply trying to promote a more engaging community for us all to live in.  

Why Join in

To benefit from a village community you have to put yourself out there a bit more than villagers did in the past by stretching out that hand of friendship.  Some people are naturally very sociable and good at this but some are not.  To be more inclusive the village needs to bring together more and more people so that one day the whole village population feels a sense of contribution, respect and membership to the village they live in.  Without the dying traditional village things like shops, schools, churches, employers and pubs where people gathered, modern village people have to work harder to see if they can find a way to know one another and develop friendships.  

The alternative is isolation and that is not a great view of quintessential village life.

How to Join in

  • Come down to the pub and talk to Ian (the landlord).  He is part of the group and can introduce you to other people who get involved in one way or another.
  • Join us at a meeting - its a meeting that includes a drink and happens in the pub every so often.  Meeting dates are published on this website.
  • Start talking on our facebook page.