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Goulceby Live was established in 2014 with the aim of developing a better community spirit and promoting a village that knows one another, is friendly and cares about each other.

The initial focus of the group was the Goulceby Gala, a village fete held at the village pub on the first Sunday in September but we want to achieve more.

Join In...

The Goulceby Live Group

Goulceby live is not a closed group - quite the opposite.  We do have a commitee, bank account and some organisational structure but at the heart we are open to all and want to welcome anyone with something to put in.

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We hold occassional meetings at Three Horseshoes to organise and plan what we are doing.  Our schedule, agendas and minutes are available to view.

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Parish Council & Goulceby Live

Goulceby Live

Since some people are part of both the parish council and Goulceby Live, here's our take on what's what.

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Funding Goulceby Live

Goulceby Live

How does Goulceby Live work in terms of financing?

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Facebook Page


Goulceby live now has a facebook page at

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