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What is Goulcebylive?

Find out about the community group who organise the Goulceby Gala.

Goulceby Live is a community group of volunteers who organise the Goulceby Gala.

The Aims of GoulcebyLive      

  • Create recreational events in the village with the aim of promoting our community so that it is easier to meet one another.
  • Promote the village as a great place and community to live in.
  • Operate on a voluntary, not for profit basis.

We began with our first gala in 2014 forming a group to organise a village event to promote some recreational and social activity in our village.  Ideally we want many of the villagers to contribute to the Goulceby Live idea with your ideas. For Goulcebylive to thrive, it needs to be community driven and include everyone in whatever capacity people can contribute:  organisers, motivators, doers, form fillers and participants will all play a vital part of developing the gala and other events, your particular skills could be invaluable.

Getting Involved

Come along on for our next gathering in the pub to add your energy and get involved. 

At the moment we are a few with the idea of making something good happen in the village, but we need more to get the ball really rolling.  The founding idea was to create a village day, a fete or gala, whereby we come out and enjoy our bit of village life:  stalls, beer festival, games, kids activities, music etc. etc.  Eventually we hope to be a platform for new clubs, new gardening groups, walking groups, social evenings and much more.

Get involved, you might just have something to offer!